Who do you look up to?

For me it is Hedwig Kiesler otherwise known as Hedy Lamarr.

This lady was not just any old sultry screen siren of the 30s and 40s. Her life story would make an amazing movie in its own right.

She was the first woman to appear nude on screen in the controversial film Ecstasy (1933).

She was an Austrian Jew who affected her escape from her arms-dealing first husband by wearing all her jewellery to dinner and then disguising herself as a maid before disappearing.

She made her way to America where she became a superstar of the silver screen.

She supported the war effort by selling $25 million work of war bonds in just 10 days.

With composer George Antheil she invented a radio guidance system for torpedos that used a frequency hopping spread section technology to avoid signal jamming.

That invention formed the basis for Bluetooth and was later incorporated into Wi-fi.

And when you add three kids and six ex-husbands to the mix, her feats are all the more remarkable.

And so dear reader, who do you look up to?

Do tell me.

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