What is the greatest act of kindness you have witnessed or received?

I have been thinking a great deal recently on kindness and its importance. The effects of cruelty are long lasting on their victims and well documented, but the anonymous ripple effect of kindness is much harder to study. Its collective benefits are hard to quantify.

I feel that, when it comes to kindness, it is better to give than receive.

My own experience of contributing a small act of kindness is this.

I was on a bus heading to work when a young lady got on with a tired toddler. She placed his folded stroller in the luggage rack and sat down with her grumbling child. The poor kid howled and fussed and carried on until his mother rang the bell for the next stop.

THEN he fell asleep in that amazing manner of toddlers everywhere. He was instantly a limp weighty ragdoll.

Luckily this was also my stop.

I fetched down the lady’s folded stroller, took it off the bus and opened it on the pavement for her to transfer her kid into. He never stirred.

What for me was a small act of assistance made that lady’s day.

The ripples of kindness spread far. So, especially in this day and age, let’s all make some waves.

And so, gentle reader, do tell me of an act of kindness great or small that you have received or given.

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I read every reply.

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