To Conquer Heaven

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JEREMY WANG, an astrophysicist completing his PhD at Cambridge, discovers a clue to the secret location of an ancient tomb sealed with the deaths of all 700,000 labourers and artisans who built it. The tomb is the final resting place of QIN SHI HUANG; the bloody-thirsty tyrant who forged a new empire from the ashes of six ancient kingdoms in 220BC. The empire that bears his name to this day; Qin’a, pronounced in English as China.

Terrified of the fate awaiting him in the afterlife, Qin Shi Huang combined the emerging science of alchemy with the deepest secrets of Taoist lore to create the Elixir of Life.

The Emperor was tricked into drinking too deeply and fell into torpor. And so he waits in his hidden tomb; the apex of an entire civilization’s art, science, and magic.

Fans of 80s action adventure cinema; ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ and the Indiana Jones series will love To Conquer Heaven.

What people are saying about ‘To Conquer Heaven’

Garfield Whyte’s review Jan 13, 2017

Felix Long did a good job of allowing my interest level to keep rising throughout this book. Anyone who reads any of my 3 books will realise that I love poetry and quotations and the first thing I did was to read all the Tao quotations he included.

I googled Tao to get the exact definition although my first guess was that it was some form of “philosophical teaching” from ancient China. Tao means “the path” or “the way”, so I knew I was now in for an adventure leading up to something.

What better pair for this suspense than two college friends with a history (Jeremy and Brett) who had their own adventurous days back in college. Now they are in China to embark on a different mission… mystery mission of finding the lost tomb of China’s first emperor.

But, I was in for more than a “path” to an adventure, as the imagery and descriptive writing were a whole new ball game that bolstered my appreciation of the story and writing in itself. “The tiny sculptures revelled in the demolition of their celestial peers soaking up the limelight of human attention after an eon of slumber. Woken from their torpor by the one thing that all art desires; an audience.”

Another one that I had to mark for reference; “The two seasons; deepest winter from above and nascent spring from below, created a juxtaposition that drew the scene into the land of legend sitting only a heartbeat away behind a translucent river of time.” Nothing technical here about the writing… just brilliance… LITERARY BRILLIANCE. Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy arise and take a peek at “To Conquer Heaven”.

The author’s bio states that he is a Technical Writer by day, but as I said there is nothing technical about his writing acumen. The superior writing and imagery for this thriller/action/suspense novel is crisp, clear and flows lawlessly right throughout.

If I could give 6 stars, I would. YEP!

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