The Untied Kingdom

How did we get here? A modern nation made of ancient kingdoms that has survived wars, plagues and famines? There must be a logical reason for its imminent demise.

Part One – The Curse of the Kohinoor

The Kohinoor. The Mountain of Light. The largest diamond in the world. Taken from a ten-year-old emperor and used to crown Queen Victoria as Emperor of India.

The crown has a curse and the diamond has a destiny.

Part Two – The Stone’s Destiny

Edinburgh. Capital of the ancient kingdom of Scotland. Subsumed into the greater country of Britain by its last king crowned on the Stone of Destiny.

The kingdom lifts its curse and follows its Stone’s destiny.

Edinburgh Castle

Part Three – The London Stone

A stone so old its tale cannot be told.
A kingdom will be untied.
London will be undone.

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