The Elephant – by Peter Carnavas

“I believe you, but is it real?”
Only a child could ask a question so observant.

How do you seem to your child? How do you seem to your child when you are sad?

Young Olive is a lovely little kid. But since she lost her mum, she has seen an elephant following him around. Big and grey,
taking up all the space in the room. Keeping him distant and distracted.

I’m not sure how this book ended up in my bag as I left for work one morning. A mixture of magic and mischief.

I started reading this book at the bus stop. My bus was late. When it arrived, it was packed. So packed and stuffy that a
poor pregnant lady sitting behind me lost her breakfast. The bus driver handled the moment well, cleaned up, and made sure
the lady had a seat. And I just kept on reading.

Peter Carnavas has done a wonderful job of delivering a difficult subject with humour, grace, and reflection of the
indominable optimism of a child.

There are so many strong themes, the effect of depression on a those around you, the importance of elders in the lives of our
children, the healing quality of love.

This is a very happy story. And a very touching one too …

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