Supanova … great times

Dear All,

I attended my first convention (as an author) on April 28-29.

Highlights were:

  • Being within touching distance of Peter Capaldi. A true gentlemen who gave his attention freely and engaged with his followers like a Messiah, not a Pope.
  • Kicking myself for not having a promo card for my ebook to allow him the option to read, enjoy, and buy the movie rights.
  • Selling copies of To Conquer Heaven to these truly wonderful folk.
  • And having a 9 year old girl answer the following riddle with a bloody close guess:

“Guess my name, oh sure you can!

An Irish imp called …


Alright, alright, just cause it’s you

I will give a single clue.

An Irish name, guess if you can.

Because it rhymes with Instagram!”

And this young lass guessed closer than most when she said:



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