stART grant application

Dear Assessor,

Please find below evidence to support my application for Slippery Identity.

PS Literary Agency have requested to see the full manuscript of my third novel Habnab. This is a huge deal for me. Usually you send out query letters only to find a ‘Wall of Nope’. This success makes me feel that Habnab will not only be successful in finding a traditional publisher, that publisher will want a follow up story at my earliest possible convenience.

NAVA rates

Excerpt from National Association for the Visual Arts Code of Practice. Chapter 7.6 National Freelance Rates.

Artist Bio

I have written three major works and many short stories:

My first novel – To Conquer Heaven (currently free on Amazon as part of a promotion until 27 June 2020) has sold 5,500 copies. Rating 3.6 out of 5 on Amazon.
My second novella – Sophrosyne has sold 3,200 copies (most are free promotional copies – I have not broken even). Rating 3.8 out of 5 on Amazon.
My third novel – Habnab is under consideration by PS Literary Agency.
My fourth novel – Slippery Identity has been outlined and is ready for development.
I was recently interviewed by Nate Hamon on his Tonic Pop podcast about my career.

My short stories are published on this website

I am also a technical writer with 15 years experience. CV available upon request to

Slippery Identity – plot outline

Slippery Identity is a stand alone novel that follows on from Habnab.

Plot in a nutshell.

After the closure of the UGL-ystick project Magdalena finds work with a police forensic laboratory. The UGL-ystick project was part of Magdalena’s PhD project. The Universal Genetic Librarian. The UGL-ystick finds sections of DNA that form recognisable physical characteristics. The desired end result is the turning out of a condom onto a slide and producing a basic Identikit of the offender.

Magdalena has stared at genetic sequences for so long that she can ‘read’ sections of DNA and spot physical characteristics such as eye colour, hair colour and skin colour.

A series of crimes terrorises the city. A predator who targets the elderly in a series of vile attacks. The police arrest a suspect. Magdalena processed the DNA sample that identified the suspect. When Magdalena sees the suspect she knows it is the wrong man. Her raw reading of the DNA was a white male with red hair and blue eyes. The arrested suspect is black.

Magdalena suspects someone has hacked the police database and tampered with the records. She enlists Simon’s help to track down the offender.

Together they unravel an act of police corruption. The serial offender is a police officer who has updated the record of a non-violent offender in the police database with his own DNA.

Magdalena and Simon work quietly and carefully to whittle down the suspects in the police department. But the corrupt police officer is on to them.

In the final confrontation scene, Simon is ambushed in an industrial kitchen, has to abandon his wheelchair and fights back against the corrupt police officer with all the tools at his disposal.

Magdalena joins him in time to take the corrupt police officer into custody.

Central characters

Magdalena – connected to Habnab. She is Diego’s lab partner from their days working on the UGLy stick. The Universal Genetic Librarian. She can read sequences of DNA.

Simon – new character. He is a Digital Forensic Specialist working for the police. He is a paraplegic wheelchair user. He vents his frustrations by smashing the windows of cars parked in Disabled spots with no permit. Magdalena catches him and he describes himself as a ‘lame superhero’. He has a glass hammer hidden in the back of his wheelchair. Plot point for final confrontation.

Martin Sixsmith – new character. Arsehole extraordinaire. Archetypal rugger bugger. He has known Simon since childhood. Their mothers were frenemies. They always pitted their sons against each other. Martin is heavily closeted gay and always fancied Simon but could never admit it. So he bullied him instead. He is also horrible to Magdalena. Chats her up in an aggressive manner to prempt the rejection. Spreads lies around the office that he has slept with her. Martin is responsible for the rugby injury that crippled Simon.

Warren Davidson – he is the serial killer but sees himself as a soldier angel. He is killing filth who slip through the net. Sees himself as a Batman figure. His is bald and did have red hair. This make him difficult to spot by Magdalena and Simon.

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