Detective Hubert Maimone has a trail of dead bodies leading to his door. A murderous occultist is lose in Didymus. Is his twin sister Phee next?

Sophrosyne is a thrilling occult murder mystery with a twist you will never see coming and a BONUS prequel story.

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Amazon review – from Helen S – April 25, 2020

Muses or Madness ?

It would seem that no day is a good day for Detective Hubert Maimone. The town of Didymus is bleak and full of haunting horrors at the best of times, but no one expects to come across a gruesome death scene that involves an industrial chimney, a group of naked, hysterical women, an apparent human sacrifice, and ties to the nine Greek muses of mythology.

As the body count quickly mounts so do the questions. Who are these women? Why has their sudden arrival led to a spate of unexplained deaths of twins in this urban backwater? And how are the victims connected to each other and Detective Maimone? Felix Long leads us through this dark labyrinth alongside a fascinating cast of hardened, yet very human, investigators, all struggling to contain their own ghosts as best they can.

Apart from producing a beautifully written piece, the author is clearly a master of detail and meticulous research – this work is as fascinating mythically and culturally as it is a gruesome account of a series of bizarre murders. A collection of short, connected stories that is a perfect companion for those who have a limited time to read, but who love a good heart-thumping, page-turning mystery.

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