In a future borne of the hot button issues of the present … a war is brewing.

America is losing its crown as an economic alpha state to the patient advance of China. And the discovery of alien technology in orbit around Jupiter has sparked a new space race.

Just as the unfinished business of World War 2 forms the backstory to most of our current conflicts. This author has invested serious strategic though to how the current geo-political landscape may affect the future.

I found this book to a great mix of Harry Turtledove and William Gibson. Plausible technology advancement; three dimensional printers on the verge of becoming replicators, wetware ocular implants and advanced artificial intelligence, all based on recent scientific breakthroughs.

The writing skips along without bogging down in detail and there are lovely images such as: ‘The craft shuddered violently like a tuning fork trying to play several notes at once’.

To those who enjoy their science fiction with a big dose of science, this is the book for you.

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