Violet Cobham has problems. And issues.

Her ex was so horrid that she cannot even say his name aloud.

Her current boyfriend is sullen and possessive. He makes her wash off her perfume because it “smells slutty”. He frowns at her food portions. He is horrified by stories of frivolity from Violet’s life prior to his arrival in it. He sabotages plans that he is not a part of.

And worst of all, he is intensely jealous of Violet’s lifelong friendship with Zoe.

Zoe has been Violet’s best friend since forever, but now more trouble is brewing. Zoe ghosts Violet … and it’s worse than the heartbreak of leaving an abusive boyfriend.

Is it because Violet is too needy? Is it because she’s too judgey? Is it because she’s too panicky?

All these thoughts and more swirl around Violet’s head.

Violet is an endearing character. Three dimensional and grounded. Going through a rough patch with tenacity and nous that borders on stalking.

And so dear reader, please listen up. If you take one thing away from this book, it should be this … when you’ve been ghosted, don’t sent the first message you type. Take a deep breath, read it over and ask yourself how it will sound?

Desperate? Crazy? Is it all about you?

Or are you genuinely concerned for the ghoster? Are they okay? And if they won’t reply … what are your options?

Fans of break-up drama will enjoy … Ghosted by J.E. Rowney

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