Fan theory – Spiderman: No Way Home

The new Spiderman: No Way Home movie is coming soon. And I have a fan theory to float.

In the recent trailer, Peter Parker has been unmasked as Spiderman and framed by Mysterio. Peter is quickly working out why secret identities are so darn important. Luckily Dr Strange can fix all that … or will he just make everything worse?

One of the worst things about being a writer is that you can spot subtle clues that other writers leave. If the writer is better than you are, you gain insight into someone’s finest work before your fellow audience members. If the writer is worse than you, you have to sit through an hour and a half of yawn until the ending you predicted in the first five minutes finally eventuates.

I strongly suspect the writers of Spiderman: No Way Home are better than me. But I think I got their number.

Here we go …

There are several inferences in the trailer for Spiderman: No Way Home that I will now weave into a fan prediction.

Inference One: Friends of Spiderman! Reassemble!

Thanks to Dr Strange everyone forgets that Peter Parker is Spiderman, including Peter’s best friend Ned and his recently found love MJ. Both of whom are, as Ned describes it, Friends of Spiderman.

And so Peter will have to face his new swag of foes by himself or quickly reassemble his team (Friends of Spiderman! Reassemble! – Doesn’t quite have the zing of Avengers Assemble. – But then again, that one wasn’t very good either).

Inference Two: The return of the Green Goblin.

Like Romeo and Juliet, the long running plot of Spiderman through its various manifestations (comics, TV shows, and films) is a feud between two Houses. But in Spiderman’s New York, these two Houses are not ancient noble families. These two Houses are tech companies.

A single deep chuckle and a green grenade are all the clues we need.

The Green Goblin – Norman Osborn himself – founder of Osborn Enterprises. The Capulets to Stark Industries’ Montagues. They compete over everything: market share, the prize for the most unethical lab experiment, the most promising interns, including Peter Parker himself.

Inference Three: The return of Doc Ock!

The last time we saw Doc Ock was the magnificent Doctor Olivia Octavius in Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. And the multiverse of spider-peeps is an already confirmed theme. No point expounding on it here.

Doc Ock in the live action MCU is played by Alfred Molina. Molina features very briefly and menacingly in the new trailer. And for some reason, all my writer intuition gave me this brief insight.

Doc Ock is Flash’s dad!

You remember Flash. The nerdy classmate and self-appointed nemesis of Peter Parker in the junior league supervillain arena of high school. Flash hates Peter for reasons that are never really explored. Flash also has a distant relationship with his parents. When Peter and the crew return home from Venice at the end of Spiderman: Far From Home, Flash is met by the family driver and asks mournfully “Could Mother not make it?”

When Peter steals his car in Spiderman: Homecoming, Flash whimpers that it is his father’s car. All minor things really, but why include them unless Flash, and his parents, make a future appearance?

I’m anticipating a ‘befriending the bully’ arc in the next Spiderman film, where Flash is accepted into the re-formed circle of ‘Friends of Spiderman’.

Flash will have to face up to his daddy issues (and where would MCU be without daddy issues?), and side with the kid he hates from high school against his own father.

Roll on Christmas. Can’t wait to find out.

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