Molly and Diego have brought their lovely baby Bridie to Ireland in pursuit of their dreams; Molly will transform an ornamental building into a dream home, and Diego will transform his failed thesis into a best–selling novel.

It was all going so well …

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In Habnab – Book one of Fae DNA – Molly knows its not post-natal depression. Her baby Bridie hasn’t just changed. She has been stolen. Now Molly must travel to Tir-na-nog, the home of the fae, and under the Rite of Habnab beg Queen Esclairmonde for baby Bridie’s return.

In Slippery Identity – book two of Fae DNA – Magdalena knows there is something rotten in the London Metropolitan Police. Samples go missing, some glow violet, and there are discrepancies in the database. With Molly’s help, Magdalena must find the mole and prevent a secret bloody war with the fae.

In Esclairmonde’s Revenge – book three of Fae DNA – Queen Esclairmonde knows that Molly was just lucky under the Rite of Habnab. The clue is in the name. But now Esclairmonde is aware that the land above is ripe for conquest. And she wants baby Bridie back. Can Molly and Magdalena stop her?

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