Review of ‘Derelict’ by JE Rowney

This is a tale of failing love, hope and urban exploration.

Evangeline is a 28-year-old photographer stuck in a failing marriage. Others might have an affair … she takes up urban exploring. Eva’s fascination with the maturing beauty of buildings in decay become a metaphor for her own broken marriage. Eva hopes that she can restore, or at least enjoy what is left of, her marriage. But is it too late?

Her husband Mark, is snappy, distant, cold and yet is not willing to throw in the towel. His motives are murky but become clearing through the tale.

The choices that characters make, to engage or not, to quarrel or not, and to share or not, are what drive this story forward.

JE Rowney paints both her characters in a realistic and sympathetic light. Neither are lily white. Neither are totally to blame. But blame each other they do. And round and round they go.

My favourite scenes were of Eva’s urban exploration with her urban explorer guide Scooter. I like the care that Eva and Scooter show to the sites they explore. They are there to explore entropy. Whereas kids would be there to enjoy the thrill of wrecking and vandalism.

They are artists and explorers. And their reasons for the risks they take to do what they love are thoughtfully explored by the author.

An interesting read that will appeal to fans of bittersweet romance.

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