Curiouser and curiouser

I found a curious coincidence today.

I went to see a movie with a few friends. One of my fellow cine-buffs turned up a bit under the weather. She was recovering from a tooth infection.

When the young chap at the cinema snack bar took our order, I noticed an interesting tattoo on his forearm. It was in the shape of a tooth. How curious.

And so, I asked him if there was a story connected with the tattoo. From the look he gave me, the answer was affirmative, but the associated memory was painful.

It turned out it was a ‘survival’ tattoo. He had suffered a dreadful tooth infection that had nearly spread to his brain.

My friend and I were quite taken aback by that curious coincidence.

As a writer, I enjoy hearing the stories around me. The curious coincidences and odd parallels that just might mean nothing or everything.

So tell me, what is the most curious coincidence that you have encountered?

Answers please to felixlong888 at gmail dot com

I read every reply.

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